DEX scores

For ITAM Cloud environments integrated with Ivanti Neurons, this topic explains how to add a Ivanti Neurons Digital Experience (DEX) score to your hardware asset records. By default, Asset Administrator and Asset Manager user roles can view the DEX score in the Hardware Assets workspace and click it to access more details in the Neurons user interface.

If you're using Ivanti Neurons for ITSM as well, you can also set up a DEX child tab in the Incidents workspace that will display the DEX score of any asset linked to an incident.

Getting started

Whether you're a new or existing customer, it's assumed that your ITAM Cloud environment is currently integrated with Ivanti Neurons.

For new customers using ITAM 2022.4 or higher, the asset DEX score data is already configured. You need to complete just two of the following procedures: "To map the DEX data to be imported from Neurons" and "To turn on a feature flag to display the DEX data."

For customers upgrading to ITAM 2022.4 or higher, follow these broad steps to set up the ability to view a DEX score for asset records:

Map the DEX data to be imported from Neurons.

Add a DEX Score field to the Hardware Assets form view (i.e., the Asset Summary page for an asset record).

Add a DEX Score column to the Hardware Assets list view.

Configure a DEX child tab to display in the Incidents workspace (for environments where ITSM is also used).

Turn on a feature flag to display the mapped DEX data in the workspaces for Hardware Assets and Incidents (where ITSM is also used).