Integrating with Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

If you're using both Ivanti Neurons for ITAM Cloud and Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence, you can link them so that a single set of data relating to your software-asset contracts is automatically passed between the two databases. This means that any contract-related data that you add, edit, or delete in one database is reproduced in the other. Contract line items of type Entitlement in ITAM correspond to license transactions in Spend Intelligence.

ITAM On-Premises does not currently support data transfers with Spend Intelligence.

Getting started

To get started with the integration, you need to obtain the appropriate license from Ivanti for using Spend Intelligence.

Next, contact Ivanti customer support and request that the tenants for both Ivanti Neurons and ITAM Cloud are set up to communicate with each other for the data transfers.

Finally, see the Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence help for details about:

How the data is mapped between databases.

Enabling the integration.

Loading the initial data from Spend Intelligence into ITAM. See the next section for loading initial data from ITAM into Spend Intelligence.

Loading initial data from ITAM into Spend Intelligence

Once the integration is enabled between the products, any existing data in your source database will not be automatically transferred to the other database, so you need to initiate this transfer. (For integration details, see the link above.)

All contract data transferred into Spend Intelligence must have an associated vendor; otherwise, the data will not import correctly. For this reason, we recommend that you consistently include a vendor name with all contracts in ITAM.

Additionally, if contracts and their associated contract line items have different vendors in ITAM, the contract line items will be de-linked from the contracts during the transfer into Spend Intelligence and saved separately.

After the initial data transfer is complete, you can view the synced data in the Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence user interface—open Software > License Manager > Contracts or Transactions (for contract line items of type Entitlement in ITAM). You may need to refresh the page to see that the active contracts or transactions have increased in number.

View the synced data in the Spend Intelligence user interface.

As long as the integration remains enabled between the databases, all contract modifications made in the ITAM workspaces for Contracts and Contract Line Items will be reproduced in Spend Intelligence, as well as the other way around.

To disable the integration, see the Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence help > Enabling the integration section. Basically, you'll need to reset the incoming and outgoing data options to disabled.

Notes about data transfers into ITAM

Here a few notes about transferring data from Spend Intelligence into ITAM:

Even though all contract line items in ITAM require an associated contract, Spend Intelligence permits the transfer of contract line items without a parent contract. Be aware that ITAM does not sync those types of transfers, so the record counts may not match after a sync.

Each time a contract is transferred into ITAM from Spend Intelligence, the Status field is set to Draft. You need to manually change the status in ITAM once the data transfer is complete. This is a known issue and will be resolved in Ivanti Neurons ITAM 2022.4.