Scans via dedicated scanners

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM supports the use of dedicated Android-based barcode scanners to scan hardware assets into the database for the first time, edit record details, and sync updates with the database.

The scanner must have the Ivanti Asset Manager app installed, which is available from the Google Play Store here. The forms for the app are designed to work best with a scanner screen size of 4.5 inches.

This app works only on dedicated barcode scanners, not smartphones. To scan, track, and manage assets via smartphone, use the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM & ITAM app. For details, see Scans via smartphones.

The barcode scanner app identifies hardware assets by scanning barcodes that contain the asset tag. For new assets, a record is created and saved in the Hardware Assets workspace. A record of the scan is added to the database in two areas—the Scan Log workspace and the Hardware Assets workspace > Scan Log tab of the asset record.

To use the barcode scanner app, you must be assigned the Asset Scanner role.

Workaround when the Asset Scanner role doesn't display

As of Ivanti Neurons for ITAM 2022.1: For environments where both Ivanti Neurons for ITAM and ITSM are in use, the scanner device app may not display the Asset Scanner role for selection.

A workaround is described below. It requires you to enable access to the Modern Analyst UI for the Asset Scanner role, then edit the form view for that role. After completing the procedure, the Asset Scanner role should display in the barcode scanner app as expected.