Use the Vendors workspace to maintain details about the vendors you use and to monitor their performance. You can also look up assets, purchase orders, and contracts by associated vendor. Procurement Manager and Contract Manager user roles have access to this workspace, as do the Asset Administrator and Asset Manager roles.

Vendor performance and scorecards

Purchase orders give you the opportunity to add a vendor scorecard, where you can record the vendor's performance each time you interact.

For each of the provided categories, you can specify how the vendor has performed. The product then automatically converts these ratings to a number (Very Good = 5, Good = 4, Acceptable = 3, Poor = 2, and Very Poor = 1) and calculates the average to give the vendor an Overall Performance score. If a category is not relevant, select N/A to exclude the score.

These scorecards are averaged to give the values that display on the Performance tab of the vendor's record.