Patch for SCCM

Composite Filters

Patch for SCCM provides the ability to define composite filters. A composite filter consists of two or more Smart Filters that are linked and that run in series. This advanced filtering feature enables you to repeatedly narrow or expand your search of the updates within a grid by automatically running two or more filters back-to-back. It enables you to perform searches that involve both or and and logic.

To create a new composite filter:

1.Click the New Composite Filter icon ().

The Composite Filter dialog is displayed.

2.(Conditional) Specify if this filter should be made available to just you or to other users.

If Use shared settings is enabled on the Shared Settings tab, then you have the ability to specify whether this composite filter will be available only to you or if it will be available to other users.

Private: This filter will be available only to you on this console.

Shared: This filter will be available to all other users who are also using shared settings.

This also specifies the type of Smart Filters that will be made available when you configure the composite filter. If you choose Private, then only predefined Smart Filters and private custom Smart Filters will be made available. If you choose Shared, then only predefined Smart Filters and shared custom Smart Filters will be made available.

You can change the scope (private or shared) of a composite filter by creating a copy.

3.Type a descriptive name for the filter.

4.Choose a starting filter.

5.Add one or more levels of filtering.

To define a level, choose an action (Add, Remove, or Filter again) and then the additional filter that you want to apply. To add another level, click Add filter.

6.Click Save.


Assume you want to see a list of all critical updates for Adobe and Google products. You simply create the following composite filter:


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