Copy Contents

You can use the right-click menu to copy the content in the top and bottom panes to your computer’s clipboard. You might do this in order to paste content into an email message, into a spreadsheet program, etc.

Copy contents in the top pane

  • Copy visible columns: For the selected updates, this will copy the column information currently displayed in the grid.
  • Copy all columns:For the selected updates, this will copy all column information, including columns that are not currently being displayed in the grid.

Copy contents in the bottom pane

You have a variety of options.

  • To copy all contents: Right-click in the bottom pane and then select Copy all details shown.
  • To copy supersedence information: Right-click the Supersedence table and then select Copy.
  • To copy selected rows: Use ctrl- or shift-click to select the desired rows, and then right-click and select Copy.
  • To copy a URL: Right-click the URL and then select Copy. You can then paste the URL directly into a browser.