Editing Installable Rules and Installed Rules

The Installable Rules and the Installed Rules tabs allow you to edit the rules used to determine if an update is applicable to a target machine and if an update is currently installed on a target machine. The rules can be edited for MSI and EXE updates but not for MSP updates. Both tabs contain the same editing tools.

Copy all: Copies the existing rules to your computer’s clipboard. This enables you to use a more powerful external XML editor if you prefer.

Replace all: Replace the existing rules with the rules contained on your computer’s clipboard.

Check XML syntax: Enables you to check periodically for well-formed XML as you develop your rules. You will not be allowed to leave this tab if the rules contain poorly-formed XML. A check will always be done whenever you attempt to leave this tab.

Format XML: Displays the XML in a user-friendly format.

Toggle word wrap: Toggles word wrap on and off.