Patch for SCCM

Editing Installable Rules and Installed Rules

The Installable Rules and the Installed Rules tabs allow you to edit the rules used to determine if an update is applicable to a target machine and if an update is currently installed on a target machine. The rules can be edited for MSI and EXE updates but not for MSP updates. Both tabs contain the same editing tools.

Copy all to clipboard (): Copies the existing rules to your computer’s clipboard. This enables you to use a more powerful external XML editor if you prefer.

Replace all from clipboard (): Replace the existing rules with the rules contained on your computer’s clipboard.

Check for well-formed XML (): Enables you to check periodically for well-formed XML as you develop your rules. You will not be allowed to leave this tab if the rules contain poorly-formed XML. A check will always be done whenever you attempt to leave this tab.

Word wrap: Toggles word wrap on and off.

Font and font size: Enables you to change the font and font size used to display the rules.

Line and Column:Displays the current location of your cursor. This is useful if you need to find a line and column location that is displayed in an error message.


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