Editing Superseded Updates

The Superseded Updates tab enables you to specify which updates are superseded by this update. An update that has been superseded is not the most current update available.

Tip: To view the complete supersedence chain for an update, select the update in the Ivanti Patch > Updates grid and the superseded information is displayed in the bottom pane.

  • Available software updates: This list shows all updates in the Ivanti Patch catalog that are available from the vendor of the update that is being edited. In addition, the list will contain custom updates for that vendor that were previously created using the update editor.
  • You can use the search box to quickly locate a specific update in this list.

  • Add Selected Updates: To add a superseded update, select the desired update in the Available software updates list and then click Add Selected Updates.
  • Remove Selected Updates: To remove updates, select them in the superseded list and then click this button.