Editing the Localized Description

The Localized Description tab enables you to view and modify the title and description text that is provided for each update. You can provide unique text for any of the supported languages.

  • Clear: Removes all text from the Title and Description boxes for the selected language.
  • Undo: Restores the original text for the selected language. If you switch to a different language you will no longer be able to revert changes made to other languages.
  • Language: Enables you to choose which language you want to view and modify. The updates in the Ivanti Patch catalog generally only provide English titles and descriptions. If you have users running non-English versions of an operating system, you may wish to provide text in other languages.
  • Title: Shows the text currently being used as the title for the update. When you publish the update the term (Edited) or (Custom) is appended to the title.
  • Description:Shows the text currently being used to describe this update. When you publish the update the following items are appended to the description: (Edited) <timestamp> <user name of editor>.