Performing Actions on the Manage Products Dialog

You can use the buttons located at the bottom of the dialog to perform the following actions.

Synchronize: Initiates a synchronization with WSUS. An incremental synchronization will be performed if no changes were made to the categories to be synchronized. If you have made changes to the category selections, Configuration Manager will automatically turn this into a full synchronization. Be careful if this is done during peak hours, as this can be an expensive operation if you have many published updates.

This button is the same as clicking the Synchronize Software Updates button on the toolbar. The advantage of starting the synchronization here is that status of the synchronization is displayed as long as the dialog remains open. You can leave the dialog open and continue to use Configuration Manager. To bring the dialog to the top, click on the Ivanti icon in the task bar or click on the Manage Products button in the toolbar.

Initiating a synchronization is also one way to make new product categories selectable. New categories are displayed in red in the category list and are unavailable for selection until either a synchronization occurs or a background Configuration Manager task detects the change.

Refresh: Refreshes the information in the dialog.

Close: Closes the dialog.