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Recommended Updates


Patch for SCCM can provide a list of updates that are uniquely recommended specifically for your organization. When you use the Recommended Updates feature, it will create a list of the latest updates for all the software products that are installed on your managed client machines. You then use that list to create a Smart Filter that in turn can be used to identify which updates to publish within your recurring publication tasks.

With this feature you can:

View a list of all your managed client machines

View a list of all the software products installed on your client machines

View a list of the most current updates that are available for all of the software contained on your client machines

Use the list of updates to create a custom composite Smart Filter that contains those updates

Use the Smart Filter in your publication processes

How to Use the Feature

1.Click Recommended Updates.

The Recommended Updates dialog is displayed.

Client machines: This list contains all of your managed client machines. Any machine that contains a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) client and that has participated in a hardware inventory scan will be included in this list.

Software installed on clients: This list contains all of the software that is currently installed on your client machines. The list is derived from the hardware inventory scan that is performed by Microsoft SCCM. Patch for SCCM retrieves the information directly from the SCCM data store.

Recommended updates: This list contains the most current updates that are available for the software that is installed on your client machines. Only the most current update for each software product is contained in this list.

2.Click Create Smart Filter.

This will create two custom Smart Filters and a custom composite filter:

Latest updates: This filter consists of one rule that specifies that only updates that are not superseded will be used.

Recommended Products - MM/DD/YYY HH:MM:SS: This filter consists of a Product is <product> rule for each product contained in the Software installed on clients list.

Recommended Updates - MM/DD/YYY HH:MM:SS: This is a composite filter that consists of the other two filters. It specifies that only the latest updates for the recommended products will be displayed. The updates displayed by this filter should exactly match the updates displayed in the Recommended updates list. This is the filter you should use when referencing a Smart Filter from within a scheduled publication task.

3.(Optional) Edit the new filters.

For example, you might choose to rename one or more of the filters, you might modify the rules within the Recommended Products filter to add or remove a product, or you might make the composite filter a shared filter if you use shared settings.

4.Use the composite filter as needed within a scheduled publication task.

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