Technical Assistance

For technical assistance with Patch for Configuration Manager, please refer to one of the following support options:

How to Collect Data for Technical Support

If you ever have a question or issue with Patch for Configuration Manager that requires help from our Technical Support staff, please have the following information available when opening a support request or calling:

  • What version of Patch for Configuration Manager are you using? You can locate this information by clicking the Settings button on the Home tab and then selecting the About tab.
  • What operating system is the console installed on? Please include the service pack level.
  • Do the Configuration Manager console and the WSUS Server reside on the same machine or on different machines?
  • What exactly were you doing when the issue occurred, or what exactly do you want to do? Please be as descriptive as possible.
  • Provide your Patch for Configuration Manager license key.
  • Provide screen shots or text of any on-screen errors.
  • Provide copies of all log files.
    All logs created by Patch for Configuration Manager are located in the \Users\<user name>\Ivanti\Patch directory.