Vendor / Product Categories to Synchronize

To view which third-party vendors and products have been published and which ones are currently being synchronized with WSUS, click the Manage Products icon and then select the Vendor / Product Categories to Synchronize tab. This is an important tab to monitor and manage. A new category is created each time you publish an update for a new third-party product. You will need to approve each new vendor or product category if you want updates in that category to be synchronized.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the categories in the list.

If a category is contained in the list it means an update for a product in that category has been published and a synchronization with WSUS has occurred.

If a category check box is enabled it means that it will be synchronized with WSUS. A product category will not be deployable until you have approved the category and performed a synchronization with Configuration Manager.

If a category check box is clear (not checked) it means it is not being synchronized with WSUS and the product category is not deployable.

If a category is displayed in red, it means an update for a product in that category has been published since the last synchronization with WSUS. Categories in red are unavailable for selection until either a background Configuration Manager task detects the change (this typically occurs once an hour) or a synchronization with WSUS is performed.

To change which categories in the list are being synchronized with WSUS, enable or clear the desired check boxes and then click Apply Changes. A confirmation dialog will be displayed to let you know that the change has been made, and it will give you the option to start a synchronization with WSUS. You will not be able to deploy published updates for newly selected categories until a synchronization occurs.