Patch for SCCM

Verify Setup Tab

This tab is used to launch the Configuration Checker. This utility is typically run once immediately after Patch for SCCM is first installed.

Configuration Checker is used to determine if you meet all the requirements for using Patch for SCCM. You can run Configuration Checker by clicking the Launch Configuration Checker button on the Verify Setup tab. You can also run it from the command line: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\ST.SCCM.ConfigurationChecker.exe. You must run Configuration Checker with full Administrator privileges, but you can use it to evaluate accounts that do not have full Administrator privileges.

Most of the information on this dialog will be pre-populated for you but it can be modified as necessary.

WSUS Server FQDN: Type the fully qualified domain name of your WSUS server.

Port: Select the port used to access the WSUS server.

User account (domain/user): Type the domain and user name of the account that you want to evaluate.

Account password: Type the password associated with the user account. This field can be left blank if you are evaluating the account that you are using to run this tool.

Use proxy: If enabled, indicates that proxy server credentials are required in order to run the Configuration Checker test. If you clear the check box after specifying credentials, the credentials will be saved but not used. This box will initially mirror what is configured on the Proxy tab but can be temporarily overridden here.

Proxy user name: Type the user name for an account on the proxy server. This box will be automatically populated with the user name provided on the Proxy tab but it can be overridden. It may be necessary to specify a domain as part of your user name (for example: mydomain\

Proxy password: Type the password for the proxy server account.

The utility checks for the following:

Ability to connect to the WSUS server using a fully qualified domain name and port number

Ability to connect to Protect Cloud using a user name and password

Ability to retrieve the Patch for SCCM catalog

User account has Log on as a batch job privileges

User account is a member of the Administrators group and the WSUS Administrators group on the WSUS server

WSUS signing certificate is contained in the Trusted Root and Trusted Publisher stores and is current (not expired)

If the Shared Settings feature is enabled, the utility checks if the user is an authorized Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) user and has Full Write permission to the ROOT\SMS\<site> namespace and all sub-namespaces of the primary SCCM site

If any of the tests fail, you should correct the issue before using Patch for SCCM.

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