What is an Update Template?

You use an Update Template to apply custom installation commands to all updates in a supersedence chain. The template enables you to define your custom installation commands once and then have them automatically applied whenever an update in the associated supersedence chain is published.

An Update Template enables you to insert Windows batch file commands directly into the installation script. The commands can be executed before or after the updates in the supersedence chain are installed. If any files are required in order to execute your custom commands, they can be added to the update package.

For example, you could use this feature if you want to add custom branding, specify a silent installation, change the installation directory, stop and restart services, perform custom logging, etc.


  • A template can be associated with multiple supersedence chains.
  • A supersedence chain can only be associated with one template.
  • Updates that are associated with a template may not be edited.

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