This documentation is currently outdated and in the process of being updated. This documentation is provided as a temporary reference to various API endpoints and output. This warning will be at the top of each outdated page. As the documentation is updated, this warning will be removed.

Ivanti Neurons for RBVM/ASOC provides users with a web-based API that allows customers to integrate with the Ivanti Neurons for RBVM/ASOC platform and use data collected and maintained by Ivanti Neurons for RBVM/ASOC within their own applications.

Rate Limiting Notification

In order to protect the security and stability of the platform for all users, the Ivanti Neurons for RBVM/ASOC platform will start rate limiting API requests on September 20th, 2019. API requests will be limited to one request per second. This will not affect the total number of requests. If the HTTP client exceeds the limit, our API gateway will return a 429 response code.

We strongly advise wrapping all HTTP requests in such a way to throttle each request with a wait/sleep function or adding a retry mechanism, as shown in the wrapper code example below.