Adding Findings to a Workflow

Summary: How to add findings to a workflow in Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB.

When you create a workflow from the Workflows page, your next step is to add findings to the workflow.

To add a finding to a workflow, navigate to either the Manage > Host Findings page or the Manage > Application Findings page, depending on the finding type designated in workflow creation. We will show you how to add findings to an Application Findings false positive workflow for this example.

To add findings to a workflow, navigate to the Manage > Application Findings page.

Navigation - Manage - Application Findings

On the Application Findings page, select the finding(s) to add to the workflow by clicking the check box in the page’s first column. You may select several vulnerabilities at a time to add to the workflow.

Findings to Workflow - Select Findings

Click the Workflow button.

Findings to Workflow - Workflow Button Location

In the Workflow drop-down menu, click Map/Unmap Findings.

Findings to Workflow - Map Unmap Findings

In the Map/Unmap Findings for Workflow window, click the Modify Type box.

Findings to Workflow - Modify Type

Select Add Findings.

Workflow Add Findings - Add Findings Menu Location

Click the Workflow Type box.

Findings to Workflow - Workflow Type

For this example, select False Positive.

Workflow Add Findings - False Positive Menu Location

In the Select a Workflow to Modify section, select the workflow to add findings to.

Findings to Workflow - Select Workflow-1

Type CONFIRM on the line designated below and click Modify.

Findings to Workflow - Confirm and Modify

The findings are now added to the designated workflow.