Changing a Host’s Network

Summary: How to change a host’s network.

Users must have the IAM privilege Host Control to change a host’s network.

To change a host’s network, navigate to the Manage > Hosts page.

Change Host Network - Hosts Menu Location

Select the host(s) to change networks by clicking the check box in the page's first column. You may select more than one host at a time.

Selecting a host to change network on the Hosts page.

Click the Actions button.

Location of the Actions button on the Hosts page.

In the Actions drop-down menu, click Change Network.

Change Network menu location under the Actions menu on the Hosts page.

In the Change Network For Asset window, type the network's name in the Target Network box.

Change Host Network - Change Network for Asset Window

As you type, suggested networks appear below the box.

Change Host Network - Target Network Field

Select the network to move the host(s) to in the Target Network field.

Change Host Network - Selected Network

Optionally, you can check the Force Merge on Conflict checkbox. When checking this box, Ivanti Neurons will forcibly merge two assets together. However, some data may be lost during this process due to constraints. If a host already exists on the network being merged into, the existing assets data will always be preserved. If two assets from different networks are being moved into a third other network and are in conflict, Ivanti Neurons will not merge these assets. To resolve this conflict, first, move the asset whose information you want to completely preserve and then merge with the second asset.

Change Host Network - Force Merge on Conflict Box

Click Save to change the host(s) network.

Change Host Network - Save Button Location