Creating a New User Account

Summary: How to add a new user to Ivanti Neurons.

To create a new user account, navigate to the Organize > Users page.

Navigation - Organize - Users-1

On the Users page, click the Create button.

Create User - Create User Button Location

Complete the form in the Create User window. Information about each field is provided below.

Create User - Create User Window

  • User Name: The new user’s username. When creating customer accounts, RiskSense uses the user’s first initial and their last name (e.g., Brian Smith’s username would be “bsmith”). Usernames must be unique.

  • First Name: User’s first name.

  • Last Name: User’s last name.

  • Email: User’s email address.

  • Phone Number: User’s phone number.

  • Assign All Groups You are Explicitly Assigned To: Check this box to assign the new user to all groups you are explicitly assigned to in RiskSense.

  • Search for Groups: Search groups to manually add users to groups. Type in a group name, and when you see the group to add in the drop-down list, click it. You can add as many groups as needed. To remove a group, click the X next to the group to remove.

Create New User - Add User to Groups

After completing the necessary fields, click Submit. The user account is created in the platform, and the platform sends an email to the new user to set their password.

When creating a new user, the user’s role is set to Basic User by default.