Creating an Assessment

Summary: How to create an assessment in Ivanti Neurons.

To create an assessment, you must have the IAM privilege Assessment Control.

To create an assessment, navigate to the Organize > Assessments page.

Create Assessment - Assessments Menu Location

On the Assessments page, click the Create button and select Assessment.

Create Assessment - Create Button Location-1

In the Create Assessment window, complete the following fields.

  • Assessment Name: Name of the assessment.

  • Assigned Date: This date is very important. Ensure you set the date corresponding to the scan file date. If, for example, you forgot to upload a scan from a month ago and you are uploading it today, the best practice is to mark the date on the assessment as a month ago. This will ensure that the Assessment and the month-old scan data will be marked appropriately in Ivanti Neurons.

  • Description: (Optional) Any additional notes regarding the assessment or scan file.

Create Assessment - Create Assessment Window-1

Once you complete the required fields, click the Save button to create the assessment. A scan upload can now be attached to the assessment.