Editing Custom Attributes

Summary: An overview of how to assign or modify custom attributes on groups, assets, and findings.

Once your client settings administrator has created a custom attribute, you can start to assign values to individual groups, assets, or findings.

Before proceeding, take note of the IAM privileges that you need to modify custom attributes on each list view.


IAM Privilege Needed

Assign, edit, or remove custom attributes on groups

Group Control

Assign, edit, or remove custom attributes on hosts

Host Modify

Assign, edit, or remove custom attributes on applications

Application Modify

Assign, edit, or remove custom attributes on host findings and application findings

Finding Modify

The role Administrator includes all of these privileges by default. Users with Data Manager, Security Analyst, and Vulnerability Manager will be able to modify custom attributes at the asset and finding levels.

Although you may see propagated attributes within a list view, you cannot modify propagated attributes for assets and findings that have inherited these values. To modify a propagated value, you need to go to the page where the propagated attribute originates.

Editing Asset and Finding Attributes

You can assign or modify custom attributes for one or more items in the list view at time. Select individual items by checking the box next to each item that you want to modify.

From the Actions menu, select Edit Custom Attribute.

Search for the name(s) of the custom attributes that you want to edit. If you have only one item selected, the dialogue will fill in the existing values for any custom attribute that you (or another user) have already set.

In this example, the Edit Custom Attribute dialogue shows this information about the custom attribute on the right:

  • Attribute ID: The system ID for the custom attribute
  • Data Type: The type of information that this attribute expects (Under the input box, the dialogue clarifies requirements for the data type.)
  • Assets to be overwritten: The total number of assets in your selection that already have values set for this attribute

When you have finished entering your changes, click Save.

Editing Group Attributes

To edit custom attributes for one or more groups, go to the Edit Group menu and select Edit Custom Attribute.

Assigning Attributes from the Detail Pane

If you are viewing the details for an individual list view item, you will see the option to edit any custom attributes that your clients settings administrator has defined for the list view. This option will not be present for propagated attributes visible in the same section.

By clicking Edit, you will open up a dialogue that allows you to modify the value for that single attribute.

To save changes, click Save.