Deleting an Assessment

Summary: How to delete an assessment from Ivanti Neurons.

You must have the IAM privilege Assessment Control to delete an assessment.

Deleting an assessment will only remove the vulnerabilities from that assessment from the platform, and deleting an assessment will not delete assets. Individual scan files cannot be deleted, and scan files can only be removed by deleting the specific assessment that holds the scan files.

To delete an assessment, navigate to the Organize > Assessments page.

Deleting an Assessment - Navigation Menu Location

On the Assessments page, select the assessment to delete by clicking the check box in the page’s first column. You can select more than one assessment at a time for deletion. Then click DELETE.

Delete Assessment - Select Assessment

In the Delete Assessment window, verify that you are deleting the correct assessment(s) and type the word “DELETE” to confirm your selection. Once “DELETE” has been successfully entered, you can click the DELETE button.

Delete Assessment - More Button Location

This action deletes the assessment from the platform.