End-of-Life (EOL) Communication - Q3 2022 EOL Widgets

Summary: Information regarding the upcoming end-of-life (EOL) status for older duplicate widgets.

In the middle of Q3 2022, we will remove some of the older duplicate widgets from the platform. Each widget has an alert icon on it. If you hover on the icon, you will see the message “This widget will no longer be available some time during Q3 2022. Please contact support for more information.”

(Note that some widgets slated for EOL also have the same icon. However, the upcoming release only targets the widgets that specifically mention Q3 2022 in the mouseover.)

Within the Dashboards section, you can also view the widgets by opening up the widget library and selecting the Q3 2022 EOL category. Each widget on this EOL list also has the acronym “EOL” at the beginning of its description.

Top 50 High-Impact Findings by Risk Rating

EOL Widget(s)

Total Hosts, Hosts with Weaponized Findings, and Hosts with Weaponized Findings (>90d)

EOL Widget(s)

Replacement: Total assets and Assets with weaponized findings

Mean Time to Remediate (Host) and Mean Time to Remediate (App)

EOL Widget(s)

Replacement: Mean Time to Remediate

Open Threat Distribution by Risk Rating and Weaponization Funnel

EOL Widget(s)

Replacement: Weaponization Funnel and Findings Prioritization Funnel

RiskSense Security Score (RS³), Asset RS³, Overall RS³, and Risk Accepted RS³

EOL Widget(s)

Replacement: Ivanti RS³

Ivanti RS³ Timeline

EOL Widget(s)

Replacement: Ivanti RS³ Timeline

Exploitable Hosts by Business Impact

EOL Widget(s)

Replacement: Exploitable Assets by Criticality

Open Host Findings by Severity, Open Host Findings by Risk Rating, Open Host Findings by VRR, and Open Host Findings by Priority

EOL Widget(s)

Replacement: The same information can be found in widgets like Findings Summary and the Weaponization Funnel.