End-of-Life (EOL) Communication - Q3 2022 EOL Widgets

Summary: Information regarding the upcoming end-of-life (EOL) status for older duplicate widgets.

As of this release, Version 14.04.00, we will remove some of the older duplicate widgets from the platform.

Most widgets on the Q3 2023 EOL list have equivalents on the Ransomware and Application Security Dashboards. These widgets provide the following benefits:

  • They have an asset-type configuration that lets users switch between host or application data or show the sum of both application and host finding counts.
  • If they show a breakdown of findings by risk, they also have a Scoring Metric configuration that changes whether the widget uses VRR or Severity.
  • The widgets can be resized horizontally.

The widgets on the Q3 2023 EOL list appear below. The table also shows the replacement for each widget.

EOL Widgets and IDs


Replacement Widgets and IDs

Open Ransomware Findings


The number of open threats can be found in the Ransomware Funnel.

Closed Ransomware Findings



Ransomware Fixes Available


Ransomware Funnel


Ransomware Threat by Age


Top Ransomware Families


Top CVEs in Ransomware Families


CVEs by Ransomware Family




Application Findings by Type


Open Application Findings with Top Software Weaknesses


Unique Finding Distribution by Severity


Application Findings Discovered vs. Resolved


CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses


OWASP Distribution


Top 10 Unique Application Findings by Severity


Top 10 Vulnerable Applications