Finding Article FAQ

Does the platform auto-save my changes?

No. You must submit your changes to make them visible to other users.

I discarded the draft that I just started. Why do I see that article in the Finding Articles menu?

The platform takes you through a two-step process when you create a finding article. When you submit your answers in the first step, the platform creates a blank article. The platform must associate attachments to an existing article and creates it prior to the second step (where you can upload attachments).

Can I link to attachments that I have added to other finding articles?

No. The platform shows an error message if you try to embed a link to an attachment that belongs to another finding article.

What is the max size for an attachment?

The platform has a per-attachment size limit of 25 MB.

What types of files can I upload as attachments?

.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .zip, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .xlsx, .json, .csv, .htm, .html, .mp4, .webm