Generating an API Token

Summary: How to generate an API token in Ivanti Neurons.

To use the Ivanti Neurons API, you need an API authorization token. Authorization tokens are generated in the Ivanti Neurons platform. Permissions to access Ivanti Neurons platform data are based on the Ivanti Neurons user's permissions that generate the token. The following steps will show you how to create and manage Ivanti Neurons API tokens.

To generate an API token, click your initials in the page’s top-right corner. In this menu, click User Settings.

User Settings Menu Location

Once on the User Settings page, scroll down to the API Tokens section. This section is where you generate new tokens to use the Ivanti Neurons API. If you have already created API tokens in the past, their names are displayed here. You can rename or delete existing API tokens here, as well.

API Token - User Settings

To generate a new token, click the blue Generate button in the API Tokens section.

API Token - Generate Token Button

When you click the Generate button, the following dialog box appears.

API Token - Name API Token Window

Token names may not contain spaces but may include all alphanumeric characters and the following special characters:







After entering your token name, click Generate. Ivanti Neurons displays the following dialog box showing the newly generated API token.

API Token - New API Token Window

The platform will only display this token once. Select and copy the API token to a secure location so that you can retrieve it later. Clicking the Clipboard icon to the right of the API token also copies the token to the clipboard.

After copying the new token, click OK to return to the User Settings page. You can now use this token to interact with the Ivanti Neurons REST API. When using the API, you will also need your Client ID.