Playbooks: Supported System Capabilities

Summary: This article discusses the technical capabilities and limitations of the playbook system that may impact customer workflows.

Supported Capabilities

The Playbooks automation suite within the RiskSense platform provides users the opportunity to create powerful automation actions. However, users should be aware of the number of supported actions and entities within the system to ensure that their automation procedures are as efficient and resource-conservative as possible.

The Playbooks system currently supports the following number of Playbooks and Rules for a client:

  • A single client may create up to 500 Playbooks total. Of those Playbooks, up to 10 may be enabled at any one time.

  • A single Playbook can contain up to 50 Rules.

  • Two Playbooks can run simultaneously in a single client. Any Playbooks that exceed this are queued and show the status “Deferred.”

If your organization requires a greater volume of automation procedures than the above-supported numbers, contact RiskSense Support or your account manager.

Run Time Overlap

If a Playbook has been executed manually and is currently running during its next regularly scheduled run time, the Playbook Scheduler will automatically skip the Playbook’s next scheduled run at that time since it is already running.

Actions as Jobs

Each rule within a single playbook is designed to execute a specific action. These actions, such as changing the group of an asset or updating the Severity of a finding, are submitted to the RiskSense platform as a job. The platform then completes these jobs in the order in which they entered the job queue. Playbooks will submit jobs to this queue on a per-rule basis and execute them one at a time. The order in which the jobs are submitted corresponds to the order in which the Rules appear in the Playbook Rules view.

Users who have access to the Jobs page can track the progress of Playbook jobs.