ServiceNow Service Request Connector Permissions

Summary: A detailed guide on permissions required for the ServiceNow Service Request connector in Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB.

The following permissions are required to obtain the form dynamically using the ServiceNow Service Request connector:

Read access to the following tables and the columns inside these tables.

  1. sc_catalog

    1. title

    2. sys_class_name

  2. sc_category

    1. title

  3. sc_cat_item

    1. name

  4. sys_choice

    1. Label (label)

    2. Value (value)

    3. Element (element)

    4. Dependent value (dependent_value)

  5. sc_req_item

    1. number

    2. state

Reasons for These Permissions:

  • sc_catalog table access is required to find the list of catalogs.

  • sc_category table access is required to find the list of categories.

  • sc_cat_item table access is required to find the list of a category item.

  • sys_choice table access is required to know the choices of the field whose values are derived from that table.

  • sc_req_item table access is required to retrieve the created service request item information.

Apart from these permissions, user should be able to retrieve the specific category item and also order a specific category item. Generally, this does not require additional ACLs. Follow these links to find any additional ACLs required for these actions.