System Groups: Overview

Every client has several system-owned groups. These groups function in much the same way as user-created groups. For example, you can add custom attributes to them or create group-specific SLAs for system groups.

System-owned groups include System - All Assets, System - All Hosts, System - All Applications, and the Default Group.

“System - All” Groups

The platform automatically assigns all assets to the “System - All Assets” group and to either the “System - All Hosts” or “System - All Applications” group, depending on the asset type. No user has the ability to remove an asset from these groups.

If you manage a user account that should have access to all assets at all times, assign that user to the “System - All Assets” group.

Default Group

The platform initially adds all new assets to the Default Group. You can either manually move an asset out of the Default Group or set up a playbook to perform the task. For more information on the Default Group, see Default Group: Overview.