Updating a View

Summary: This article describes how to update an existing view.

You can update a view to match current list view settings. First, you need to know if the view has a Group By or not. You can only update a Group By view to have another Group By. Similarly, you can only update a “standard” view if you have no Group By applied.

Filtering on Views with and without a Group By

To determine if a view has a Group By, find the view card. All views with a Group By have a “Group By” pill.

You can also filter on views that have a Group By by selecting Group By under view filtering options. To filter on views without a Group By, select Standard.

Pages without the Group By feature will not show the Group By and Standard filtering options.

Updating a View

To update a view, find the view and open the options menu. Then select Update View to open up the Update View dialogue.

This dialogue allows you to review your current list view settings. If you need to change something, you can close the dialogue and make the changes.

You can also edit the title and description. Share the view by clicking the Share View checkbox. If you leave it unchecked, the view will become private when you submit.

Click UPDATE to submit your changes.

Updating a Shared View

You can edit your own shared view at any time.

If you have the appropriate IAM privilege (View Control), you can also modify another user’s shared view. Keep in mind that your changes will immediately become visible to other users.