Users Page: Overview

Summary: High-level overview of the Users page in Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB.

The Users page shows all users available on all clients you can access.

Users Page - Users Page

The following privileges are associated with the Users page.

  • User Read: View all information about users.

  • User Role Disposition Control: Assign/unassign roles to/from other users in accessible clients.

  • User Control: Create/resend welcome emails and reset two-factor authentication to email.

  • User Group Assignment Control: Assign/unassign users to/from groups they can access.

Filters: As with other pages in Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB, you can apply filters to the Users page.

Users Page - Filters

Metrics Bar: Provides quick metrics based on your current view. These metrics change based on applied filters.

  • All Users: Total number of users across accessible clients. Click this button to display all users in the card view.

  • Logged in Within Last 7 Days: Number of users across accessible clients that logged in within the last seven days. Click this button to only display those users.

  • Current User: Name of the currently logged-in user. Click this button to display your user card.

  • Current Active Client: Name of currently logged-in client. Click this button to display all users that can access the current active client.

Users Page - Metrics Bar

Click the chevron near the bottom of the metrics bar to expand/minimize the bar. The chevron appears when hovering your cursor over the bar.

Users Page - Chevron Location

Each user is displayed as a user card. The following describes the different elements present on a user card.

Users Page - User Card

Name: User’s first and last name. Their initials are displayed in the badge.

Users Page - User Card - Full Name and Initials

User Name: User’s username.

Users Page - User Card - User Name

Email: User’s email address.

Users Page - User Card - Email Address

Clients: Compares the list of clients you can access to the designated user.

Users Page - User Card - Clients

  • Green Check: User can access this number of clients that you can access.

  • Red X: User cannot access this number of clients that you can access.

Last Login: The last time this user logged in.

Users Page - User Card - Last Login

Three Dots Menu: Click the three dots in the user card’s upper-right-hand corner to access the three dots menu.

  • Reset Two-Factor Authentication to Email: Change two-factor authentication method from multi-factor authentication device to email.

  • Resend Welcome Email: Sends Welcome Email to user, which can be used to reset their password.

Click a user card to open the User Detail pane.

Users Page - User Detail Pane

  • Username: User’s username.

  • Name: User’s first and last name.

  • Email: User’s email address.

  • Phone No: User’s phone number.

  • Last Login: Date and time of last Ivanti Neurons login.

  • IP Address: IP address used when logging in.

  • SAML User: If this user’s account is configured for SAML.

The Client Details pane is below the User Detail pane.

Users Page - Client Details Pane

Total Clients: Compares the user’s client access to clients you can access.

Users Page - Total Clients

  • Green Check: User can access this client.

  • Red X: User cannot access this client.

Select Client: Select a client from this drop-down menu to view Client Group Permissions and the user’s roles for that client.

Users Page - Select Client

Client Group Permissions: Compares the user’s group access to the available groups.

Users Page - Client Group Permissions

  • Green Check: User has permission to access this group.

  • Red X: User does not have permission to access this group.

Client Roles: Shows all roles assigned to the user with role expiration dates. Use the Select Client drop-down menu to view the user’s roles on different clients. Role expiration dates can be added from here.

Users Page - Client Roles

Remove User from Client: Use to remove the user from a client.

User cards are sorted by username. Click the Sort By option to change the sort order.

Users Page - Sort By

Several page options are available from the bottom of the page.

Users Page - Page Options

Click the Rows per page value to change how many cards to show per page.

Users Page - Rows Per Page

Click the arrows to navigate between User card pages.

Users Page - Page Arrows