Veracode DAST Data Export Guide

Summary: How to export data from Veracode DAST for ingestion by Ivanti Neurons.

Veracode DAST Overview

A dynamic analysis security testing (DAST) tool, or a DAST test, is an application security solution that can help to find certain vulnerabilities in web applications while they are running in production.

A DAST test is also known as a black box test because it is performed without a view into the internal source code or application architecture–it essentially uses the same techniques that an attacker would use to find potential weaknesses.

Veracode DAST Setup

To export Veracode DAST data, log into the Veracode platform.

Veracode DAST - Login Screen

On the Security Platform Home screen, click Scan Results.

Veracode DAST - Scan Results Button Location

On the right side of the Applications page under the Results column, click the View option for the chosen scan.

Veracode DAST - View Option Location

Once the application scan results are displayed, select Download from the top menu.

Veracode DAST - Download Button Location

Select Detailed XML Export (XML) from the Download Report window and click Download.

Veracode DAST - Select Detailed XML Export

The file(s) are automatically downloaded in .xml format within a .zip file and can now be uploaded into Ivanti Neurons.

Veracode DAST - File Export Example