Version 11.14.00 Release Notes

Summary: A high-level overview of the changes/updates included in RiskSense Version 11.14.00, released on April 1, 2022.

The RiskSense platform version 11.14.00 update includes the following features and enhancements:

For assistance with using our new features, receiving feature documentation, and/or scheduling training, please contact your Customer Success account manager directly or send a message to [email protected].


AWS Inspector Classic Connector

On the Host Findings page under the Scanner specific information section, a new field called "Private IP" holds the private IP address for each AWS host.

Ticketing Connector Changes

Ticketing Connectors (JIRA, ServiceNow Incident, and Cherwell) now have a field called Scanner Name under the Plugin Information section in their Ticket Descriptions.

Palo Alto Xpanse - Expander Connector

The Xpanse API has implemented an updated authentication mechanism for all endpoints. In the RiskSense Connector form, API token-based authentication has been replaced with Client Id/Client Secret. Clients must edit the connector form in the case of existing connectors, as a new set of fields must be completed to use the connector. Additional information is available in the Palo Alto Xpanse - Expander Connector Guide.

Qualys WAS

Qualys WAS now ingests Sensitive Content findings through the connector.

Miscellaneous Changes

EOL Phone Number Field

The phone number field has been deprecated from all forms in the platform and is no longer a required field. This field will be ignored if sent to the platform with any API request that previously required it to avoid any API incompatibilities.

Fixed Issues

  • The hover-over box on the Prioritization Dashboard for Findings First Ingested vs. Resolved chart will indicate the relevant date ranges.

  • For the CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight connector, RiskSense will begin capturing the First and Last Discovered dates from the following fields in Spotlight - First Seen and Last Seen, respectively.

  • A severity update via playbook or workflow will be reflected on asset and group pages without reindexing.

  • When using the mixed network, assets will be ingested, even if the IP address is empty.

  • Jira connectors will no longer fail to sync if two connectors are pointed projects with identical keys in the Jira Issue name.

  • Fixed some instances where ticketing connectors failed to sync completely with the third-party systems.

  • Application VRR synced to ticketing systems will now reflect the correct score when updating during a sync.

  • When more than one upload is mapped to a single unlocked assessment and one of those assessments starts processing data, the other is now allowed to modify its assessment to be processed.

  • On the Assessments page:

    • The filter “is processing” will now return system assessments.

    • “Last X Days” filter operator will work consistently, including results from the current day.

  • Users can view the Finding History regardless of if they belong to the Default Group. It will be based on assets from the new group to which they are currently assigned.