Version 12.00.01 Release Notes

Summary: A high-level overview of the changes/updates included in Ivanti Neurons Version 12.00.01, released on May 6, 2022.

The Ivanti Neurons platform version 12.00.01 update includes the following features and enhancements: 

For assistance with using our new features, receiving feature documentation, and/or scheduling training, please contact your Customer Success account manager directly.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The header of the Ivanti RS³ infographic popup no longer refers to RiskSense.

  • Most sections of the PDF reports that show the RS³ scores for selections of assets now reflect if at least one asset in the sample includes a manual exploit. For an individual asset, the score is capped at 300, and for an aggregate score for multiple assets, the score is capped at 549. This change currently does not impact Group RS³ shown in the Top 10 Riskiest Groups with Related Threats in the Executive Vulnerability report and the Top 10 Riskiest Groups by RS³ tables in the Executive Risk report.

  • When deleting multiple assessments, a user must now enter the number of assessments that they want to delete.

  • The field Scanner UUID has been added to ticketing connector attachments. The field Scanner Name should also show the same name as the platform UI.

  • Button labels and descriptive text have been updated on the prompt that users see when they activate a deep link and switch clients.

  • The font colors have been updated on the “Disabled user role” screen.

  • The following system filters have been updated on the Hosts, Host Findings, Applications, and Application Findings pages:

    • CISA Known Exploited has been updated with 15 CVEs.

    • Attack Surface - RS has been updated with 99 CVEs.

Fixed Issues

  • Users can now generate exports for many findings (about 2.5 million).

  • URbA now correctly processes older Nessus findings.

Known Issues

  • If a user tries to delete a limited number of their networks, the snack bar message that they see after submitting says that the system will delete all networks. The system will only delete the networks that the user has actually picked.