Version 12.03.00 Release Notes

Summary: A high-level overview of the changes/updates included in Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB Version 12.03.00, released on August 19, 2022.

The Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB platform version 12.03.00 update includes the following features and enhancements:

For assistance with using our new features, obtaining feature documentation, and/or scheduling training, please contact your Customer Success account manager directly.

List View Enhancements

New Jobs Page Column

The new column “Started” shows the date and time a job begins execution. This page will now display the date and time for when the job was created, started, and finished.

New Scanner-Specific Fields

These new scanner-specific fields have been added as columns, exportable fields, and filters to the list views:

  • FalconSpotlight Cloud Service Account ID, a field from the Crowdstrike Spotlight connector, has been added to the Hosts page.

  • CHECKMARXSAST Scan Owner, a field from the CHECKMARX scanner, has been added to the Applications page.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The instructions within the Notifications configuration wizard have been updated to improve clarity.

  • The Ivanti RS3 timeline widget on the Executive Dashboard will no longer allow users to query for results on the current date. This change prevents users from seeing potentially confusing information about incomplete RS3 calculations.

  • The Ivanti RS3 widget on the Executive Dashboard now provides more information about the RS3 score bands. A user who hovers their mouse over the largest dial will see the score bands imposed over the dial. The widget also features a new legend for the score brackets.

  • New configuration options for the Qualys VMDR integration enable users to filter asset imports by Qualys tags or type of finding. The findings imported can be configured to include API Confirmed, API Potential, and/or API Info.

  • New modernized icons appear in the SLA and playbook sidebars.

  • The field Xpanse ID has been renamed to include the scanner (now “Expander Xpanse ID”).

  • The new scanner UUID FORTIFYONDMDDAST will help users to distinguish between Fortify on Demand DAST and SAST data.

Fixed Issues

  • The visual indicator that spins while a user is validating the credentials for a new connector will now hide as it should when an error occurs such as an invalid password.

  • Issues with the Checkmarx SAST connector, including uploads getting stuck in partial upload status and uploads failing, have been resolved.

  • Custom group properties will now show up correctly in the detail pane.

  • Users can now successfully submit bug reports through the platform.

  • The Crowdstrike Falcon Spotlight connector should now ingest all assets. Additionally, users should see consistent finding counts within the platform.

  • The Palo Alto Xpanse Expander connector should now correctly map unique assets.

  • Issues related to the accurate ingestion of applications from the Netsparker connector have been resolved.

  • Users can now successfully save new column settings.

  • Links to switch clients will resolve to the intended client.

  • A multi-client user’s last login date should now be correct even if the user chooses only to view the All Clients page or the Multi-Client Dashboard.

  • On the Vulnerabilities page of the Vulnerability KB, a mouseover for the description of an associated plugin will no longer contain raw HTML tags.

  • In User Settings, several invalid login landing page options were removed.

  • Qualys VM/VMDR ingestion failures due to the error “URL too long” have been resolved.

  • ZAP findings will no longer close improperly when they contain jsessionid identifiers.