Version 13.12.00 Release Notes

Summary: A high-level overview of the changes/updates included in Ivanti Neurons Version 13.12.00, released on April 21, 2023.

The Ivanti Neurons platform version 13.12.00 update includes the following features and enhancements:

For assistance with using our new features, obtaining feature documentation, and/or scheduling training, please contact your Customer Success account manager directly or send a message to [email protected].

List View Enhancements

  • Host CMDB Group By - All fields except “CMDB Asset Tags” will be added as Group By to the Hosts and Host Findings pages.


  • Qualys Cloud Resource ID - Ingested from the Qualys VMDR scanner, this field will be added to the Host Findings and Host pages as a column, filter, and Group By. It will also become available in the exports and detail panes of each list view. This field may contain the EC2 Instance ID and also be used to populate the EC2 Identifier for an asset.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The Aging Metrics report will now use the field First Ingested On as the “discovery” date for a finding.
  • Users can now see the titles of dashboard widgets before they fully load.
  • The Login page will no longer say “powered by RiskSense”.
  • Within the Finding History popup, the Ivanti logo will show instead of the RiskSense logo.
  • In order to be named a tag owner, the user must have the RBAC privilege “Tag Modify”. Users should note that the system does not automatically remove a tag owner if that user loses the privilege. Organizations must maintain tag owners manually. Additionally, Ivanti will not be removing tag owners from tags during deployment.
  • Within the rollup for an integration status notification, the date and time that a connector is disabled by the system will be listed in its own section above other integration operations.
  • Jobs for deleting findings may complete more quickly.
  • In the Finding Details under “Why is this finding Open?” section, the most recent observation reported will be based on the Last Ingested On date rather than the Last Found On date.
  • Messages discussing the impact of manual exploits have been reworded slightly within the Ivanti RS3 widget and the host and application detail panes. Users can click links directly from these locations to view the open findings with manual exploits.

Fixed Issues

  • If a user applies a filter to the Groups Overview dashboard, the filter will now work in conjunction with the current Quick Interactions pattern rather than disabling it.
  • On the Groups Overview dashboard, other issues with the “Group” filter have been corrected. A negative expression “is not” should now exclude results and no longer enable the widget alert for limited dashboard filter support. Additionally, the operators “Like” and “Wildcard” now work correctly.
  • The “Finding added” event should no longer be added to the Finding History more than once.
  • Hosts created manually through the API will now only be associated to the specified groups. Information about group membership and assessment history for the new asset will be correct on the Groups and Hosts pages.
  • In API request that creates a host, the First Discovered On and Last Discovered On dates will now be successfully recorded and represented within the platform.
  • The export of a Group By based on the Nessus Patch Publication Date will now show the date in the correct format.
  • The “Mean time to remediate” and “Mean time to remediate findings under SLA” now use First Ingested On as the “discovery” date for a finding rather than the field Discovered On.
  • The Claroty integration can now correctly map the OS Family.
  • The Copy Link feature will now work correctly for dashboards.
  • Users of the BMC Ticketing integration no longer have to designate an Assignee.
  • Within the findings exports, the list of workflow expiration dates for a finding will now reflect blank expiration dates on workflows. In other words, the number of comma-delineated dates and empty entries extracted from the string should match the number of workflows on the finding.
  • Issues with updating ingestion and discovery dates for findings have been resolved.
  • Issues with updating First Discovered On and Last Discovered On for CrowdStrike Falconspotlight findings have been resolved.