Version 13.16.00 Release Notes

Summary: A high-level overview of the changes/updates included in Ivanti Neurons Version 13.16.00, released on June 16, 2023.

The platform version 13.16.00 update includes the following features and enhancements:

For assistance with using our new features, obtaining feature documentation, and/or scheduling training, please contact your Customer Success account manager directly or send a message to [email protected].

List View Enhancements

  • Pinned Views - Users can now pin up to 15 views of any type. Pinned views appear in a new section above Quick Filters.
  • Pinned Columns - Users can now add pinned columns to user widgets.
  • Claroty CVE Title - Part of the “name->rows” array will now be displayed as the scanner-specific field “Claroty CVE Title”. Users can export the field and use it as a column, Group By, or filter on the Host Findings page.
  • BlackDuck Overall Score - The BlackDuck field “overallScore“ is now being mapped as the scanner-specific field “BlackDuck Overall Score”. “BlackDuck Overall Score” is available as a Group By, filter, column, and exportable field on the Application Findings page.


  • AWS Inspector (v2) - Amazon Inspector tests the network accessibility of Amazon EC2 instances and the security state of applications that run on those instances. This integration will bring in data to the Hosts and Host Findings pages. For more information, visit the Amazon Inspector Connector User Guide user guide.
  • Jira API Updates - For on-prem instances of Jira 8.4 or later, the system will now be using a new API endpoint to fetch issue-related details. The system will hit https://{{domain}}/rest/api/2/issue/createmeta/?projectKeys/{{projectIdOrKey}}/issuetypeIds/{{issueTypeId}}/expand="projects.issuetypes.fields" to fetch related projects and fields for an issue. For older versions of on-prem Jira instances or for cloud subscriptions, the system will still use older API endpoints.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • The Incident BMC ticketing connector now consumes only up to the first 100 characters of the “Comments” field. To increase this setting, users should contact support.

Fixed Issues

  • When a connector is deleted and any related filters in playbooks are re-evaluated, the system will no longer automatically remove the value “Is Present”.
  • Changes to user group assignments should be correctly reflected on the Groups page filters after any updates have been made.
  • Issues with creating Jira tickets have been resolved.
  • When an application is created manually through the UI or API, the Networks page should show the correct application count after all jobs complete.
  • Descriptions should now always be populated for Nexus Lifecycle Security-type findings.
  • Even if the field “instances->image” is missing in the API response, PrismaCloud Connector files should now be parsed correctly.
  • In the event that the system needs to call a Qualys VMDR API endpoint more than once, the system should still be able to successfully parse downloaded files on subsequent attempts.
  • The Tenable.IO connector history should now correctly show if Tenable.IO has sent an empty response back to a particular request. This update should assist users with diagnosing issues around terminated or deleted assets.
  • The system should now correctly map the Operating System for assets scanned by Claroty.
  • Bulk user assignment jobs should no longer assign the First Assigned On date to individual findings for which user assignment fails (for example, due to inadequate group permissions).
  • WASC categories should now be displayed in ascending order within the Hosts and Applications detail panes.
  • In the Asset Details section of the Application Findings page, a user should be able to click the “Affected Files” links without seeing an error snack bar.
  • Issues with ingesting Snyk findings have been resolved.

Known Items

  • A playbook that assigns users to findings may show an incorrect number of findings updated if the playbook tries to assign those findings to more than one user.