Version 14.00.00 Release Notes

Summary: A high-level overview of the changes/updates included in Ivanti Neurons Version 14.00.00, released on October 13, 2023.

The platform version 14.00.00 update includes the following features and enhancements:

For assistance with using our new features, obtaining feature documentation, and/or scheduling training, please contact your Customer Success account manager directly or send a message to [email protected].

List View Enhancements

  • Custom Attributes Activated for all Clients - All clients will now have the ability to add up to 20 custom attributes to each of these list views: Groups, Hosts, Host Findings, Applications, and Application Findings. This feature replaces custom group properties. For more information on custom attributes, visit Custom Attributes: Overview.
  • Custom Attributes added to Asset Merges - Custom attributes will be handled on a per-attribute basis. If the destination asset already has the custom attribute set, its value is retained. If the attribute is only set for one or more of the source attributes, the value inherited by the destination asset will be selected from one of the source assets at random.
  • Networks List View Updated- The Networks page has been converted to the list view v2 format. This updates adds a Quick Filter for Connector Type. Users can now also view the logos for Connectors under the Connectors column and access the history for each configured connector from the detail pane. Within the list view, the new Findings Distribution section shows a funnel-style overview of threats impacting hosts and applications within the network. (Note that all counts shown on this page for assets and findings do not take into account group permissions.)
  • CVE and CVE Description additions to Findings Views - Users can now add the CVEs associated to findings and the descriptions for each these CVEs as columns in the Host Findings and Application Findings list views. Users can also export these fields and filter findings by CVE description.


  • Integrations Vendor Branding Updates - Integrations cards have been updated with the current logos and names for each vendor. Fields within the platform such as Scanner Name have not been updated with new vendor names.
  • ITSM and ServiceNow Ticketing Configurable Exports - Users can now configure exports for the ITSM and all ServiceNow ticketing-type connectors.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Users can no longer click on the Threats column of a Host Findings or Application Findings Group By.

Fixed Issues

  • Users will now be able to delete private saved filters on the legacy list views.
  • If a System Workflow closes a finding, users should now be able to view this information in the “Why is this closed?” section of the Finding Details.
  • The Create Application Finding dialogue should no longer freeze for a long time when a user tries to submit the finding.
  • Start and Finish times will now be shown for Create Finding jobs on the Jobs page.
  • Users should no longer be able to set the Scope Override Authorization to “None” when they copy a workflow or create a new workflow from the Workflows page.
  • Users should now be able to sort by the Threats column in an Application Findings Group By.
  • If someone saves a Synk OSS connector with the "Create assets that do not have vulnerabilities" option unchecked, the platform will now remember this configuration has not been set by the user.
  • The scanner-specific field “Prisma Cloud Compute Collections” should now populate correctly in the list view.
  • BlackDuck findings on an ignored component will be now automatically be closed within the platform. The field “Scanner Reported Suppression State” on each of these findings will also be updated appropriately.
  • The new Tenable SC v2 connector is now appropriately reporting findings as closed.
  • Users can now update the Compensating Control for a workflow.
  • Users should now be able to create an empty workflow from the Workflows page without seeing an error.
  • Users can now disable an SLA playbook.
  • The Severity Group Group By on the Host Findings and Application Findings pages should now sort correctly within the Firefox browser.
  • Users should see fewer failed jobs in scenarios where their actions cause many jobs to be initiated at once (such as operations involving groups).
  • The Sonatype connector should now be able to handle JSON files with dependency tree data.
  • Within the Create Finding forms, the user should be able to view suggested custom scanners without entering any text into the search box.
  • Users can no longer enter information into the filter bar before the page fully loads. This change prevents the UI from erasing the user’s incomplete query.
  • If a user creates a new application finding through the Create Finding form, the URL selected will no longer replace the address of the parent application.
  • Users should see fewer SLA jobs fail or complete with failures.
  • Assets deleted within the Crowdstrike Falconspotlight should now have the appropriate “Falconspotlight Asset State” of “RS Archived” within the platform.

Known Issues

  • Filter suggestions for CVE descriptions have been known to cause errors. The ability to view suggestions for this filter will be disabled in a future release.


  • End of Life for Custom Group Properties - In this release, custom group properties will no longer be available on the Groups page. The fields have been removed from the Groups page filters, detail pane, and exports. Users can no longer rename them on the Client Settings page. Additionally, the API endpoints for modifying custom attributes will return an error code.
  • Multi-Client Weaponization Funnel Widget EOL – At the end of October 2023, we will end-of-life (EOL) the Multi-Client Weaponization Funnel widget on the Multi-Client Dashboard. The Multi-Client Dashboard is getting updated to match the look-and-feel of other system dashboards. The widget now has an alert icon on it, where upon hover, you will see the message “This widget will no longer be available after October 2023. Please contact support for more information.” The v2 Dashboard is expected to be released at the end of October, and with the release we will officially exclude the widget.