Version 8.18.02 Release Notes

Summary: High-level overview of changes/updates included in RiskSense Version 8.18.02, released on August 14, 2020.

The RiskSense platform version 8.18.02 update includes the following features and enhancements:

Changes and Enhancements

  • Top Operating Systems Widget Now Available – A chart displaying the count of Hosts and Findings by Operating System is now available in the Configurable Dashboard widget library.

  • CMDB Options Added to Hosts View – The Sync CMDB Hosts and Manually Sync CMDB Asset options are now available on the Hosts page.

  • XLSX Now Available as Export Option – The Configurable Export wizard now allows exports in the XLSX file format.

  • RS³ Timeline Chart Updates – The RS³ Timeline Chart now defaults to a 30-day difference from the start date to the end date on both the Executive Dashboard and the Multi-Client Dashboard.

  • Additional Network Filters Added for Reporting – Additional filters by Network name (both Network and Application) have been added as options for the Executive Risk, Detailed Vulnerability, Executive Vulnerability, and Asset Risk Reports.

  • Updates to Aging Metrics Report – The Aging Metrics Report template has been updated to reflect five levels of severity, as well as updated nomenclature used in the RiskSense platform.

  • Filter Operator Additions (Multi-client users only) – The Like and Wildcard operators have been added to the Multi-client dashboard and list view filtering options.

  • All Exports Available (Multi-client users only) – Multi-client users can download an export and view the downloaded link regardless of what client is being viewed.

  • Notifications for All Client Exports (Multi-client users only) – All assigned clients will receive notifications for All Client exports.

Fixed Issues

List Views

  • Application Name, Address, and Location are fully visible in the Application Findings Detail Pane under the Asset Information section.

  • The RiskSense API now prevents the deletion of a network currently mapped to a connector. Once the connector association is removed, the network can be deleted safely.

  • Editing the value of an active filter now shows the complete suggestion drop-down list.

  • The IP Address filter on the Hosts view no longer fetches empty values.

  • The IP Whitelisting functionality has been updated to accommodate multiple clients from the Multi-Client Dashboard (multi-client users only).

  • Error messages generated by attempted login for disabled users or from a non-whitelisted IP address have been updated to reflect these specific scenarios.

  • Single-column sorting for the Port column on the Host and Host Findings pages now return correct sorting results.


  • The Last Found On date in the Applications view now corresponds to the latest assessment date and is updated accordingly.

  • The addition or removal of Connector Tags now reflect on the Applications page to match the scan file.

Configurable Dashboards

  • Dashboards widgets now resize correctly when users save copies of RiskSense-provided dashboards. Additionally, layout issues with several of the widgets have been corrected.

  • Dashboards that contained Planned EOL widgets still follow the old layout rules. In those dashboards, all widgets show at their smallest default size.

  • Users may see changes in the layouts of existing custom dashboards due to some widgets now taking up more space on the screen. To fix this, users should edit and save those dashboards.