Version 8.22.00 Release Notes

Summary: High-level overview of the changes/updates included in RiskSense Version 8.22.00, released on October 23, 2020.

The RiskSense platform version 8.22.00 update includes the following features and enhancements:

To help transition to our new features and schedule training, please contact your Customer Success account manager directly or send a message to [email protected].


New Widgets

Four new widgets have been added to the Dashboards page:

  • Open Findings over Time

  • Open Findings by Priority

  • Recent Findings by Status

  • Findings by Priority

These widgets allow users to change settings without modifying the entire dashboard. The four widgets in this release have settings for asset type and finding prioritization (VRR or Severity). For more information, refer to the article here: Configurable Widgets: Overview.


Snyk Manual Upload Support

A manual upload option for Snyk has been added to the platform under Integrations (located on the existing API connector card). Refer the guide on how to export files from Snyk here: Snyk Data Upload Guide.

List View Enhancements

New Optional Column Added to Patches Page

Patch Vendor has been added as a new optional column in the Patch list view. In the detailed pane, two additional fields, Patch Vendor and Patch Family have been added as well. Filtering for these new fields now supports the Present operator.

Click Throughs from Applications Page

For users of the Snyk Connector, a new Affected Files field has been introduced that displays the list of target files affected for each application. When clicking them, the user is redirected to the associated findings on the Application Findings page. It is also filterable in the Application Findings list view.

Fixed Issues

  • Deleted files from the upload will no longer be processed and will be ignored. The start button will be available if the user adds another file to the same upload that makes it to the fingerprinted state (or over one). When processing the files, the system will ignore deleted files and stay deleted.

  • The quick search field in the report generation pop up will not retain the previously entered keyword. Functionality of the assessment filter for all data sets has been corrected.

  • On the Groups page, the right-click menu option for Export/Assign User groups has been fixed. On clicking them, the corresponding export or assign user pop-up will appear.

  • In the Host findings page, Trending Threat Date filter will take all the possible threat Trending dates as options for filtering.

  • In all list views, the Settings pop-up height extends dynamically based on the number of columns to reduce the need for scrolling.

  • For users of the Snyk Connector, the total count of application findings has been correctly matched up with application CHMLI distribution total versus the total number of findings in the list view.

  • RS³ jobs will no longer be triggered unnecessarily on modifying the Name/URL in the Applications list view (these properties do not affect an asset’s RS³).

  • Tickets associated with empty tags will propagate to their findings as well (if added at a later point in time) without any manual technical actions.

  • In both the Host and Application Findings views, the single column sorting has been enabled for Status and Due Date columns.

  • The State field has been deprecated with the advent of workflow updates; thus, State-based, single-column sorting has been removed on the Host Findings page.

  • (Multi-client users only) In the All Clients list view, the Export button has been restored.