Version 9.03.02 Release Notes

Summary: High-level overview of the changes/updates included in RiskSense Version 9.03.02, released on February 5, 2021.

The RiskSense platform version 9.03.02 update includes the following features and enhancements:

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List View Enhancements

Asset and Finding Count for System Filters

Each System filter will now display the number of assets and findings for which that filter is applicable. This enhancement applies to the Host, Host Findings, Application, and Application Findings pages.

New CWE Name Filter

A CWE Name filter has been added to the Application Findings page. The filter returns the CWE number and title of the weakness (e.g., CWE-200 Information Exposure).

New RS³ Group Filter

An RS³ Group filter has been added to the Hosts and Applications pages. This filter returns the number of assets with an RS³ score in a specific range corresponding to the five-color RS³ bands.


HCL AppScan Enterprise Enhancements

The HCL AppScan Enterprise parser now ingests the fields Vulnerability Type and Affected Products (shown under Plugin Details), as well as Scan Date (shown under Recent Scans) and Business Impact (shown under Asset Details).

CheckMarx SAST Enhancements

The CheckMarx SAST parser now ingests additional fields. The new fields will be displayed in the platform as the OWASP 2017 and Language under Plugin Details and Scan Date under Recent Scans.

Miscellaneous Changes

Group Metric Widget Tag Renamed

The Group Metric widget tag has been renamed to Group. Users can use the Group tag to narrow the list of widgets that show group information.

Fixed Issues

  • On the Multi-Client Dashboard, the filter operators “like”, “wildcard”, or “one of” now return the correct number of clients.

  • On the Executive Dashboard, the clickthrough from Hosts with Weaponized Findings to the Hosts list view now no longer returns hosts with 0 open weaponized findings.

  • The search bar in the combined Saved/Shared filter sidebar is now present whenever more than one saved filter is present.

  • CMDB jobs are no longer triggered continuously when a connector both allows automatic asset creation and has a custom asset matching field configured.

  • The Edit option now enables users to edit Tanium files uploaded to an IP-based network and switch them to a supported host-based network.

  • SNOW Generic Connector jobs will fail when submitting invalid credentials.

  • On the Hosts and Host Findings pages, the Operating System will have a value of “Not Available” if the corresponding scanners do not provide a valid operating system for the finding.