Version 9.06.00 Release Notes

Summary: High-level overview of the changes/updates included in RiskSense Version 9.06.00, released on March 19, 2021.

The RiskSense platform version 9.06.00 update includes the following features and enhancements:

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New Features

New Opt Out of Emails Feature

Under General User Settings, users can now opt out of emails based on the Email Topic and the clients they wish to update to no longer receive emails from that topic. Email topics include:

  • Downloads Complete: When files in the download section are made available.

  • Downloads Failed: When files that would go into the download section fail to generate.

  • Host Finding Assignment: When you are assigned/unassigned to one or more host findings.

  • Application Finding Assignment: When you are assigned/unassigned to one or more application findings.

  • Group Assignment: When you are assigned/unassigned to one or more groups.

  • Expired Workflow Batch: When a batch workflow expires.

  • New User Created: When a new user is created.

List View Enhancements

New Tag Type Filter

A new Tag Type filter has been added to the Hosts, Host Findings, Applications, and Application Findings pages, allowing users to filter on tags for scanners, projects, people, CMDB, location, compliance, etc.

New System Filters

The following System Filters have been added to the Hosts, Host Findings, and Application Findings pages: Accellion FTA Zero-Day Attacks, VMWare vCenter Server Attack, and MXS Zero-Day Attack.

New Ransomware and Trending MCDB Columns

Users of the Multi-Client Dashboard will find four new columns displaying counts of Hosts with Ransomware Exposure, Apps with Ransomware Exposure, Hosts with Trending, and Apps with Trending on the dashboard.

Miscellaneous Changes

Qualys WAS Asset Creation

Qualys WAS Connector users can now create assets that do not have vulnerabilities via the Connector Specific Options section in the connector configuration view.

Last Scanned On Field

For non-SRS findings, the Last Scanned On field will now be hidden from the findings detail pane.

Delete Ticketing Connector Pop Up

For Ticketing Connectors, the option to preserve connector-owned tags was removed from the Delete Connector pop-up window due to inapplicability.

Group Metrics Autosuggestions

Users can view up to 20 group suggestions when searching any Group Metric widgets.

New Timeline Group Metrics

New metrics have been added to the Group Performance over Time widget:

  • Hosts with Open Findings

  • Apps with Open Findings

  • Open Host Findings

  • Open App Findings

  • Closed Host Findings

  • Closed App Findings

Fixed Issues

  • Scanner reported severity for AppScan findings are now being correctly displayed in the list view and detail pane.

  • For users of the Tanium scanner, plugin information and relevant CVSS data will be updated in the detail pane upon the ingestion of a new Tanium file.

  • The Severity column in the list view and detail pane for host findings now correctly displays the CVSS v3 prioritized over CVSS v2.

  • The API endpoints for the Host and Host Findings models have now been updated to display relevant field projections and models.

  • Users may now delete Failed Host Finding Exports on the Downloads page.

  • On the Uploads page, the number of files found now correctly matches the number of files selected when the Select All option is chosen.

  • Full WASC details are now available in the Application detail pane when the chevron is expanded.

  • In the Application Findings detail pane, WASC links now redirect users to the appropriate corresponding WASC page.

  • Active filters for ransomware items before the year 2010 are now fully displayed in the list view.

  • The Scope Override Authorization option is no longer locked when copying a workflow.

  • When copying an empty workflow, it will now appear correctly in the workflow view.

Known Issues

  • Opting out of Expired Workflow Batch emails currently does not work as expected; however, this will be fixed in the next release.