Editing an Application

Summary: How to edit an application in Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB.

Users must have the IAM privilege Application Modify to edit an application.

To edit an application, navigate to the Manage > Applications page.

Editing an Application - Applications Menu Location

On the Applications page, select the application to edit by clicking the check box in the page's first column. You may choose only one application at a time for editing.

Selecting one application on the Applications page for editing.

Click the Actions button.

Location of the Actions menu on the Applications page.

In the Actions drop-down menu, click Edit Application.

Edit Application menu location under the Actions menu on the Applications page.

In the Edit Application window, modify the Application Name and Address as desired. Once complete, click Update.

Editing an Application - Edit Application Window

This action updates the application name and address in Ivanti Neurons.