Hosts: Overview

Summary: A high-level overview of the Hosts page in Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB.

The Hosts list view shows all hosts within the platform. You can only view hosts assigned to you via group permissions.

Who can use the Hosts page?

The ability to view the Hosts page is available to users with the Core Read IAM privilege. The following IAM privileges are associated with the Hosts page.

  • Host Modify: Modify host information, such as set host criticality and IP address type, update CMDB, and add/update notes.

  • Host Control: Merge, create, and delete hosts. Can change a host's network.

  • Host Group Assignment Control: Add/remove hosts to/from groups.


Navigate to the Manage > Hosts page to see the assets on the network.

Hosts Page - Navigation Menu Location

Filters: As with other pages in Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB, you can apply filters to the Hosts page.

On the Hosts page, the Quick Filters, User Filters, and System filters are highlighted on the left side, and the Add Filter menu is expanded and highlighted.

Group By: Click this button to sort the data using the Group By feature.

On the Hosts page, the Group By menu is expanded and highlighted.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Bar: Provides quick KPI metrics based on your current view. These metrics can change based on applied filters, and each KPI tile can be customized with different information.

On the Hosts page, the KPI bar at the top of the page is highlighted.

Refresh: Click to refresh the page and view any changes made.

Location of the Refresh button on the Hosts page.

Create Widget: Click this button to use the User Widget feature.

Location of the Create Widget button on the Hosts page.

Export: Export row information for the selected host(s).

Location of Export button on the Hosts page with several hosts selected and highlighted.

Tags: Use this menu to tag hosts and create new tags.

Location of the Tags button on the Hosts page with the Tags menu expanded.

Actions: Click this button to view more options available for hosts.

Location of the Actions button on the Hosts page with the Actions menu expanded.

Column Settings Drop-Down List: Clicking the dots near a column heading opens the column settings. From this menu, you can change the sort, add fields to the sort, and add/remove columns from the list view.

Location of the three dots menu on a column in the list view with the column menu expanded.

Single Column Sort: Columns can be sorted ascending to descending and vice versa by clicking the arrow. The arrow indicates the current sort order.

Location of the sort arrow for a column on the Hosts page.

Page Settings: Click this button to save the current list view or copy the link to the current view.

Location of the Settings gear with the Settings menu expanded.