Snyk Data Export Guide

Summary: How to export data from Snyk for ingestion by Ivanti Neurons RBVM/ASOC/VULN KB.


Snyk is an open-source security platform that allows developers to identify, prioritize, and automatically fix open-source vulnerabilities throughout the development process.

Snyk Setup

Log into Snyk through GitHub, Bitbucket, Google, or Docker ID.

Snyk Export - Login Screen

Select the Projects tab on the navigation bar. Click the Add Project button and choose an integration option.

Snyk Export - Add Project Button Location

Configure the chosen integration option from the Integrations page. For example, Bitbucket Cloud.

Snyk Export - Integrations Page

On the Settings page, add the integration account credentials. Then, select Next.

Snyk Export - Account Credentials

Select the desired repositories and click Add selected repositories in the top right-hand corner.

Snyk Export - Add Selected Repositories Button

The projects are then uploaded and available to view on the Projects tab.

Snyk Export - Projects Page

Select the Reports tab on the navigation bar.

Snyk Export - Reports Tab

Select the Issues tab on the navigation bar between Summary and Dependencies.

Snyk Export - Issues Tab Location

Issue filters should be applied to pull only OPEN issues, excluding Fixed, Patched, and Ignored Issues.

Snyk Export - Issue Filters

Under the Export button, select “View issues ungrouped”. Then select the Export button and choose Export to CSV.

Snyk Export - Export to CSV

The CSV file will then automatically download to your desktop.