Usernames Must Be Unique

Summary: An error message appears during the user creation process if the specified username is already in use.

During the user account creation process, you may see a notification appear at the bottom of the page stating Usernames must be unique. Please Try Again. Ivanti Neurons is configured for multi-tenancy, where a single user may be provided with access to more than one client (e.g., a managed services provider has five customers, each with an Ivanti Neurons client that the provider can log in to and manage customer data separately). Because a user can belong to more than one client, usernames must be unique across all clients housed within their respective Ivanti Neurons instances.

If you see the Usernames must be unique. Please Try Again notification after confirming that the user does not appear within the client for your current login session, this typically indicates that there is an existing user within another client which has claimed that username.

Unique Usernames - Unique Username Notification