Getting Started with Identity Broker


Resulting behavior if configured correctly

If all configuration was executed correctly, the resulting behavior should be as described below.


If users are prompted for credentials, one of the following situations might apply:

  • The certificate is not trusted by the browser on the user's computer.
    Possible solutions:
    • Correct the trust settings.
    • Use a different certificate.
  • The Identity Broker and/or Windows Authentication Provider website was not added to the Local Intranet Zone on the user's computer.
    Possible solution:
    • Add the website(s) to the Local Intranet Zone.
  • The website is opened from a user session on the IIS server that also hosts the Windows Authentication Provider. This is an IIS security feature.
    Possible solution:
    • Use a different computer to access the portal.

Please visit the Knowledge Base for more troubleshooting information.

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