Identity Director Upgrade Guide


Upgrade the Catalog Services

The Catalog Services have been deprecated and are no longer supplied with Identity Director as of version 2019.1.
If you need Catalog Services to integrate with a legacy version of Ivanti Automation or Workspace Control, you can use the version you already have installed.
Alternatively, download Identity Director 2019.0 from the Ivanti Community, and use the Catalog Services that are part of that package.

The Catalog Services are only needed if you use integration with Ivanti Automation (2018.x and earlier) or Workspace Control.

  • Automation 2019.x now connects to the Identity Director Management Portal.
  • The Identity Director Windows Client (2018.1 and higher) connects to the Mobile Gateway

If you use Catalog Services in an Identity Director 2019.1 or higher environment, consider also installing at least one Setup and Sync Tool 2019.0 (or earlier).
This will enable you to (re)set the Catalog Services password using the Setup and Sync Tool command-line options.

  1. Add the account of the target device to the Active Directory security group that has db_owner rights to the Datastore.
    After the upgrade, you can remove this account again from the security group.
  2. Run the Ivanti Identity Director Installer.
  3. When prompted, choose Select and install components and click Next.
  4. In the Features section, select Catalog Services.
    If you installed other components on the same device, also select those. Their upgrade starts after you upgraded the Catalog Services.
  5. Start the upgrade and follow the Setup Wizard.
  6. Repeat this process on all devices on which you installed the Catalog Services.

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