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Configure file global attributes

In the Management Portal at Data Model > Global Attributes, configure Global Attributes. Configure file attributes to store references to files that users upload or download.



Explanation and Tips


Specifies the value of the global attribute. This value is overwritten if a different value is provided during a service transaction.

  • You can only specify the value of a file global attribute via a Set Global Attributes action. This action maps the global attribute to a file service attribute during a service transaction.

File size

This field specifies the size of the file that was uploaded during a service transaction.

File repository

This field specifies the location at which the uploaded file is stored.


When you insert file service attribute as a placeholder in actions, you can retrieve any of its values. You can use the following options:




Resolve the global attribute as a download link when an action is executed. When you insert it in e.g. a Send Message action, users can click a download link. This opens a page that provides the following information about the file, after which users (e.g. the HR department or Corporate IT) can download the file:

  • Service name
  • File reference name
  • Actor who uploaded the file
  • File size


Resolve the name of a file as it is uploaded by the user. You can also use it in Ivanti Automation Run Books, in combination with the placeholder #Global[{attributename}.{AnonymousDownloadLink], to perform various actions on an uploaded file (e.g. copy, execute, etc.).


Resolve the size of a file.


Resolve into a direct download link to the Datastore. You can use it in Ivanti Automation Run Books to allow Ivanti Automation to download files. In combination with the placeholder #Global[{attributename}.Filename], this allows you to perform various actions on an uploaded file (e.g. copy, execute, etc.).


Resolve the description of the attribute, e.g. "This attribute stores the file that an actor uploaded."

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