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Properties tab of the person page

In the Management Portal at People, use the Properties tab on the person page to configure the general properties of a person.


Item Explanation and Tips


This field also supports double-byte characters.

Active Activate the person in your environment.
  • Inactive people do not claim a license, but cannot sign in to the Web Portal or the Clients.
  • Inactive people are not shown in the delegated administration panels of the Web Portal.
  • You can unassign services from inactive people, but not assign, request or cancel them.
Marked/Ready for deletion Select Marked for deletion if you want to delete the person from the environment. This returns all services to which the person subscribes. After that, the option changes to Ready for deletion, and you can delete the person.
  • Clear the option to restore this status.
Data Connection name This field is only available if the person was added via a data connection. It shows the name of this data connection.
Image Specify a person image. This helps users find the person faster.
  • You can upload an image or provide one via a URL. Supported file types:
    • JPG, PNG, GIF
    • Images that you provide via a URL:
      • HTTP and HTTPS are supported.
      • URLs that require security credentials automatically open a security context pane. You cannot save these credentials, because they are session-based.
    • Recommended size is 10KB, 96x96 px. Larger dimensions are resized to 96x96 px. This also applies to images that you provide via a URL.
  • The user account settings in the Web Portal also show the image. If you change the image, users first experience this at their next sign-in.
Identifiers Specify the identification methods and their values that identify the person in the environment. You can configure new people identifiers at Data Model > People Identifiers.
  • If you specify a value for the identifier Windows user account, make sure the specified domain in the user account can be reached by the Web server(s) on which the Web Portal and the Mobile Gateway are installed. If installed, the Catalog Services must also be able to reach this domain.
  • People identifier values have a limit of 255 characters. If the value of a people identifier exceeds this limit, for example because it is linked to a service attribute or because it is set by a Set Person Attributes and Identifiers action, it is truncated to 255 characters.
You can search for people based on their person identifiers:
  • in the Management Portal:
    • in the global Search field.
    • when you use Request, Return, Assign or Unassign from the details page of a service, in the Select People pane.
    • on the Diagnostics tab of the details page of a service, at Qualified people or Subscribed people.
  • in the Mobile Gateway API, Web Portal and Mobile Client, at Delegated Administration.
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